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Last time we discussed internal factors that can increase fall risk. We wanted reinforce the importance of addressing this issue and examine external factors that can be changed to decrease fall risk.

The statistics are alarming. Seventy-eight percent of all broken bones in the elderly population are due to falls. A third of the elderly population falls at least once a year. Fifty percent of the elderly that fall and are hospitalized, never return home to independent living.

Here are some external factors that should be addressed to decrease fall risk. Please evaluate the following in your parent's home:

  • »  make sure all walkways are clear – remove or reposition boxes, furniture, or electrical cords that may impede walkways

  • »  install grab bars in the bathroom shower

  • »  consider the use of a shower chair

  • »  install handrails on both sides of a stairway

  • »  make sure there is good lighting

  • »  use raised toilet seats

  • »  make sure chairs are at the proper height which will make transfers, from sitting to standing, easy

  • »  paint the top and bottom stairs to clearly indicate where the stairs start and end

  • »  do a walk through of frequently traveled walkways and carefully examine them for loose carpeting, uneven surfaces, or slippery surfaces

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"A third of the elderly population falls at least once a year."


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