"My nurse Brianna was wonderful and the office nurse was very helpful" Clara 2/9/2015

"The services that my nurses provided were very helpful and appreciated. Thanks so much"  Dorthy 2/20/15

"They all were very friendly and so helpful, Thank you"  Lloyd 12/9/2014

"I think my nurse Alicia provides excellent care. She is very kind and knowlegeable"  Yvonne 3/9/2015

"If not for my therapist, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.  Everyone is excellent and caring. Real pleased with all of it" Ruth 1/15/2015

"The Physical Therapist was very patient with me and helped me more than I could have imagined" Authur 1/27/2015

"Elaisa was great. I couldn't ask for anyone better" Betty 10/7/2014

"Keri is the most wonderful aide. She is always kind and helpful. I'm lucky to have her and look forward to her visits." Ruth 5/1/2014

"Brianna was very professional, arrived on time and did a great job" Omalee 5/7/2014

"To me the services helped a lot. I got close to my nurse because she is so easy to talk too. I can't put into words to say how I feel but I appreciated everyone and think your agency is excellent"  Sandra 5/17/2014

"Everyone has been very helpful and kind" Robert 5/18/2014

"I had a horrible wound after surgery and my nurse is healing it without any problems. She is wonderful" Harry 5/26/2014

"I was frustrated with all the changes to my health status until I received a call from Jeudi. She was very helpful and walked me through the process. I appreciate all the support and care".  Robert 6/12/2014

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