Physician Education


Referring patients to home health is a great way to extend your practice to patients in the home environment between physician visits. 

Healthcare Resources Home Health is a great resource for:

  • Falls risk assessment to determine if your patients are at risk of falls/injury in the home.
  • Caregiver assessment to determine if your patients have adequate support and care in their home to aid in the recovery process.
  • Identifies the need for DME or equipment to make the home environment safer.
  • Community resources to assist patients with medications, food, clothing and other essentials needed for overall good health. Referrals for additional services such as sitters, transportation, socialization, bereavement, banking/trust, relocation services and estate sales.
  • RN on call 24/7 to address non-emergency episodes and to provide patient updates to the physician.
  • RN available to the patients and physicians 24/7 via cell phone so you don't have the hassle of an answering service.
  • Patient evaluations performed on the weekends and holidays if needed. Post-hospital assessments are performed within 24-48 hours of the return home to decrease re-hospitalization.
  • Expertise in the field of Geriatric care. The RN's at Healthcare Resources have an average of 15 years of nursing experience. With Diabetic specialists, Wound/Ostomy Certified Nurse (WOCN), Cardiac Nursing, ICU/Critical Care, Oncology and other specialties.  

Skilled Nursing Services:

  • Wound care including vac's. Removal of staples or sutures.
  • Injections and/or instruction to pt/caregivers how to self-inject.
  • Ostomy care and supplies (if a pt is receiving home health services, the agency must provide the ostomy supplies for the pt)
  • Catheter care including necessary medical supplies
  • Lab's including PT/INR's with micro-coagulation devices for instant results
  • IV infusions
  • Teaching and Training related to disease processes, pre/post-op procedures, medications, treatments, safety, emergency preparedness and health maintenance.
  • Specialty programs such as pain control with TEMS units, Cardiac Rehab, post-surgical recovery, Diabetic management program, bowel/bladder training program.

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy:

Healthcare Resources Home Health provides extensive therapy programs focused on patient recovery to optomize health status and independence to include:

  • Home Exercise Programs for the pts and cargivers.  Instruction booklets and plan for daily exercises provided to each patient to track progression. Thera-bands provided to the patients for resistence training.
  • DME instructions for pts and caregivers for safety with transfers, ambulation and bathing.
  • Wheel chair seating assessments
  • Hot/cold therapy as ordered for joint pain and post-surgical recovery
  • Cardiac Rehab Program focused on cardiac recovery, stamina, endurance, oxygenation improvement, muscle tone and strengthening.
  • Speech recovery following CVA or other disease process affecting speech/communication, swallowing and/or eating.  Teaching/training on alternate methods of communication and devices.

If your patients would benefit from any services offered by Healthcare Resources, please call 817-633-2273 or fax the referral to 817-633-2274.

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