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The following list of services is available to home health patients.  If any of your patients have one or more of the following needs, please consider them for home health with Healthcare Resources Home Health located in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  

Healthcare Resources Home Health is RN owned and operated with 25 years of home care experience.  We practice stringent hiring processes to employ the most experienced, qualified and skilled staff available for the highest quality of patient care.  Call us for more information at (817) 633-2273.


  1. Skilled Observation and Assessment would be considered reasonable and necessary when a “reasonable probability exists that significant changes in the beneficiary’s medical condition may occur”.  The SN would be required to evaluate the need for modification of the treatment plan, medication changes, the need for medical intervention, hospitalization etc.
  2. Management and Evaluation of a care plan would be reasonable and necessary where underlying conditions or complications require that only a RN or PT can ensure that essential non-skilled care is achieving its purpose. The complexity of the unskilled services that are a necessary part of the medical treatment must require the involvement of a RN to promote recovery and medical safety.
  3. Teaching and training activities which require the skills of a nurse to perform for the treatment of the patient’s acute medical condition or injury. Coverage for teaching is NOT dependent on what is being taught.  The teaching itself is considered the skill and is covered by Medicare.  Teaching would include, treatments, diagnosis, medications, safety in the home, safety when leaving the home, Emergency preparedness, self-care activities, bathing, preparing meals, diet’s, how to shop to be compliant with diet restrictions, HEP (home exercise programs), ROM exercises, instructions to a caregiver to assist with patient care such as transfers, ambulation, skin care, bathing, infection control, fall prevention, medications and side effects, catheter/ostomy care, wound care and any other topic as it relates to the patient’s medical needs.
  4. Pre-Post op surgical intervention including pre-op teaching and home safety evaluation, DME needs and/or evaluation of post-op needs.  Post-op care, wound care, staple/suture removal, infection control, liaison between surgeon, patient/family/caregivers during the recovery process. Therapy if indicated.
  5. Medication administration not routinely administered by a lay person such as eye drops or topical ointments.
  6. Diabetic Care including insulin preparation, teaching the patient/caregiver how to administer insulin, use of glucometer, food selections, foot care, skin care etc.
  7. B-12 injections
  8. Epogen injections
  9. Neupogen Injections
  10. Calcimar injections
  11. Forteo/Iron injections
  12. IV Drug therapy
  13. Enteral Nutrition
  14. Parenteral Nutrition
  15. Venipunctures are not considered a stand-alone skill but can be done during a regular visit for one of the skills listed on this document.
  16. Wound care (other than Stage I) that requires hands-on treatments and/or skilled observation of the wound(s).
  17. Psychiatric Nursing (RN’s must be Psych certified)
  18. PT/OT/ST Treatments
  19. MSW for community resources, counseling, housing, food, medication etc. assistance
  20. Home Health Aide services are not considered billable under Medicare, however an aide can be provided as long as the patient has at least 1 qualifying skill listed above.


Many patients benefit from home health services for varous reasons.  We appreciate you thinking of us when you have a potential patient. Healthcare Resources Home Health provides the most comprehensive health care to bridge the gap between hospitals, rehab centers, physicians and the patients own home.  Our office is on call 24/7, which means that when a patient calls in at any time of day, they will receive an RN and not get an answering service.  We service residents in Tarrant, Dallas, and Johnson counties.  

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